where oh where is the rain?

I've been hearing a lot of people talking about how hot the weather is where they live. here, in the lovely and oh-so-exciting state of arizona, the highs are 110+ (this week we're blessed to possibly hit 115 degrees!). and our lows seem to stay in the 90s. there's been nights when it's still over 100 degrees outside. yes, it's a dry heat ("that's like saying, put me in a oven instead of the pot of boiling water") but I don't want it. I'm done with the heat.

all I know is I'm waiting for the monsoons to pay their visit. I've been looking forward to a good monsoon for what seems like forever! when I was a kid, I remember the monsoons being crazy - strong winds, a vast amount of lightning, and pouring rain. I feel like the monsoons just aren't the same anymore. it breaks my heart. it makes me wanna scream whhhyyy?! into the clouds. where is it? it's frustrating. it aches my heart. it makes me want to go crazy. especially when every time I've left work the past two weeks, this is what I'm driving away from:

2010-07-02 14.19.28.jpg
monsoons getting ready to hit the town of globe/claypool/miami
*actual picture I took on the mine

and this is pretty much what I come home to (minus the greenery):

the superstition mountains, sunny and light cloud-age
*not an actual picture I took

and then I get all excited and wait for the storm near work to hit. (I work about 50 miles southeast of where I live, and usually that's the area the storms come from) but it never does. it's like the monsoon sees the little town of apache junction, and decides to take a detour (and who really blames it?). for two weeks this is how my evenings go. my evenings should be filled with:

I should be hiding from the sounds of the wind. I should be listening to "american pie" while watching the rain through the windows.
 I shouldn't be able to go swimming because the lightning's too close. and I should be laughing because the dogs are going crazy from the thunder (I don't even know if they would or not!) but no. instead I'm doing errands and swimming at my parents' house.

mr. monsoon, why are you so late this year? some of us are more than excited to see you (the amount of excitement nears that of christmas day). I'm aching for the smell of desert rain. I desire my nights of lightning watching and listening to the relaxing sounds of thunder. I could do without the wind, but if the wind is required in the package deal then I'll take it. just please visit soon. I miss you. sincerely, your biggest fan, alicia.

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