I don't know how all you ladies do it: stay so positive in life every single day (or maybe it's just this week?).  I tried so hard today to turn my leaf over but it seems to be stuck. and I don't know how jump out of this hole today. I always fall in when things are going good. bleh.

with that being said, it's friday. so sad (only a few more days left of SFW), yet so glad (looong day - loong week for that matter). I decided that I'm going to utilize my free afternoon to take a much needed lazy day. I didn't really try with my look today. I just wanted to wear something comfy so I can eat taco bell (mmm) and lay on the couch and watch movies with chris. I figured it's better than wearing pj's though.

so here's this afternoon's lazy look:

this is me pretending to be cheerful and happy after a "disagreement" between chris and I. thankfully he was still willing to take my pictures. I then attempted to fit the "image" of bikers (since I'm wearing a harley davidson tee) by looking tough/like a badass.

"vintage" harley davidson t-shirt: gift from my dad
shorts: gift from chris's mom
badass look: genetic from my parents

my dad was going through some of his old, old shirts (I consider them vintage since they're from the 70s/80s) and seeing if us kids wanted any. I didn't feel comfortable taking any of his harley shirts (he had a ton) since I'm not a badass biker. but he convinced me to take this one and the first time I put it on, I immediately fell in love with it. it's so soft and comfy. now one of my favorite shirts. I wish I had taken more.

here's me trying to look tough with my "vicious" pitbulls (in reality they're the sweetest things ever - ginger wouldn't stop liking my face until the camera went off - pepper on the other hand is in the nipping phase).

p/s: we finally got blinds in our house. like?

the deets:

shoes: converse - famous footwear

everyone's gotta have a pair of cons. my green faded a bit because I accidently left them outside to dry too long after washing them.

silver & gold headband: the icing

go check out everyone else's look! only 2 days left! :(


  1. 1. You have such nice legs.
    2. I like the faded out look of the cons better than the orig color.
    3. I am SO NOT positive everyday..it is a huge struggle to even just me OK most days, but I have realized that AA is onto something and the whole fake it till you make it actually works for me (most of the time).

  2. I've had several crappy days myself this week (all part of a somewhat crappy season), so I hear ya on that one. But, much like Autumn said, that fake it til you make it concept helps a lot. And if you've got something that puts a smile on your face for even a couple minutes, grab hold of it! That's one reason I've loved SFW this go around--it's a nice little distraction.

    Solidarity--we'll make it!

    On another note, you're really cute today. I like the casual look, and that headband is great with your short hair, good choice :)

  3. I agree. Cons are essential to a comfortable life.

  4. I'm sorry you weren't having the best day... I hope your weekend is better. I definitely am with Autumn on this... in fact, I don't know ANYONE who is positive every day. At least you still look adorable when you're not cheery!

  5. Yea for Taco Bell...I am a little jealous as that is my favorite food (no joke) and they don't have it over here in Scotland. As for finding a sunny disposition, go find a park with a hill; roll down the hill. At the bottom, you will either be laughing or throwing up! Whenever I am feeling bleh, I always get out of the house and it seems to help.


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