oh my gosh. it's sunday. not only is it the last day of summer fashion week, but I also have to go back to work tomorrow. boo to both. but man, words can't describe how I feel right now. you are all so amazing and I feel so lucky to have you guess view my "blog" and observe my fashion all week! and I am so amazed by everyone's awesome fashion! I've read some really great blogs that I think I'm going to start following now (and I'm glad I'm not the only non-mommy blog, sometimes I feel outta place). you've all said so many sweet things and I love the positivity we've passed around each other for the past week. let's spread it around. let's be like the common cold - that way everyone catches this feeling and it's contagious! I've never had so much fun dressing up. and I've never felt so good about myself, not just by received compliments, but also by giving tons of compliments! ahhh I wish I could accurately describe how freakin' awesome this is! don't forget me, because I won't forget you guys!

without further ado: today the fam went to breakfast at ihop and chris and I are getting ready to take the pups to my parents' for some more swimming. the pool will feel nice and relaxing with how hot it is. here's my sunday outfit - I was going to wear something super cute, you know, go out with a bang, but I figured that'd be lying since I'd be spending most of my day in my swimsuit and comfy clothes, so I opted for being true to myself :)

top: kohls
 papaya (?)
sunglasses: kohls
sandals: charlotte russe

I started dancing to some the academy is... when ginger wanted to join and of course pepper wanted to as well (she is ginger's shadow).

the shoes (I need to touch-up my toenails eek!)

thank you all again for your sweet comments and for stopping by! hope you continue to after the week's over! I know I'll continue visiting you guys!

and special thanks to emery. you are so inspirational and strong and amazing and my new idol. you deserve an award for being so awesome. this has been so much fun and encouraging. thanks again and I can't wait until fall!


  1. That top is so great, the color, the pattern, everything. I'm glad to know there are other non-moms, too. Your dogs are great!

  2. um, i want to see more of that green purse!! love your long skinny legs and your blue nail polish :)

  3. Your dogs are so sweet looking! and your outfit is the perfect outfit for summer-i love the bright colors in the tank!

  4. Cute outfit!! Your dogs are adorable!!

  5. Cute top! You look ready for the beach. All you need is a frosty drink with an umbrella in it.

  6. such a fun summer outfit, and i love the dogs dancing with you!

  7. Totally fun colors in that top. :)

  8. What? You don't think that outfit is super cute? I do! You definitely went out with a bang with this one. I've enjoyed looking at your amazing fashion versatility all week! Keep it up.

  9. You're so sweet, I've loved your posts. I hear ya on the "non-mommy blog" thing. Nice to see that others are out there in the blog world in places of life similar to yourself.

    Thanks for participating!


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