fashion friday v. 2

since summer has hit "the valley" hard already with highs around 115 degrees and lows around 102 degrees, this week's fashion friday is inspired by the summer itself! I love the bright colors of summer fashion and how it implies fun and being free.

brought to you by unique vintage
what I love about this swim suit is the hint of vintage while still being modern. I'm usually not a big polka dot fan, but the ruffle skirt and halter top looks super cute. if I am able to find one less than $135, it's totally going to be my next swim suit.

brought to you by unique vintage
I find large floral prints much more appealing than small floral prints. and the white and the bright pink of this number matches just screams summer to me. plus, a strapless with pockets? practical and sexy.

that's all the summer fashion I've got this week. I'll eventually get these to be more exciting.

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