annoyance of the day: person I work with

uuuggggghhh! not only do you ramble on forever about things no one cares about but you can also be a dick. you complain that there's a lack of communication in this company yet you don't mention to another coworker that someone else gave you the information you asked from him. instead of making a quick call to say, "hey, so-and-so got me those drawings," you wait until you (fortunately for him) pass him crawling on the ground around a tank looking for a label. then instead of apologizing for not telling him, you laugh and try to be funny. how rude. no wonder no one here respects you. (except your master of course.)

how I feel
and when I send you a file that you asked for and you decide to modify it (no surprise there because you don't seem to trust anything I do nor do you ask me to adjust it to include what you want), don't put the new file in my personal folder. why can't you just ask me to update it? I don't want your shit in my folder - especially if you're just going to add one additional calculation. just add it to the spreadsheet I sent you and save over it for god's sake. I don't need two spreadsheets with the same shit on it. and if you're going to change things because what I did wasn't right, why don't you talk to me and let me figure out why? how am I supposed to learn if you aren't giving me any opportunities? why did I waste half my day on something you're just going to do yourself anyways?

this is the second time you've been my "annoyance of the day" and I have a feeling this won't be the last. you suck. I hate how you put me on the spot by asking how I think of you as a boss. what do you expect me to say? I could vent forever but that doesn't exactly make me look good now does it? and I hate that you're only a little bit older than me and I'll have to spend my whole career with you. please move to al abra. or tenke. I don't care. just leave me alone. you're not mentoring me and you're not teaching me anything important or useful about how to do my job.

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  1. I hear you about coworkers...maybe it's just one of those days.


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