positive inspiration

today started out pretty unpleasantly. I couldn't, for the life of me, pull myself out of bed. pepper kept digging her feet into my back last night (I can only sleep one way since my jaw/chin still hurts on the other side from getting my wisdom teeth pulled) so I kept having to wake up and move her over. she's so adorable because every time I try to move her closer to chris, she'd just get up and push herself next to me again. I love puppies.

anyways, woke up late. got cut off while I was trying to pass a semi (it would make more sense why this sucks if you understood my drive to work). later, another car freaked out behind me and started riding my ass and flashing their lights frantically when they realized the passing lane was going to end and we were going to get stuck behind a truck (I on the other hand saw that there were 4 or 5 trucks in front of him and felt it was safer to stay behind until the next passing lane). then chris implied that I drive too aggressive and erratically which, again, if you knew the drive I have to make, you have to be aggressive to pass all the semis. plus my car is fucked up so it's difficult to get speed and it's been pretty shaky.

but instead of being in a bad mood, I decided to continue with my day in a positive mood. sure it's still barely the beginning of the day, but I don't want a bad morning to ruin a whole day. I've been so inspired this week. it's like this great epiphany smashed into my brain this week. I've been participating in emery's summer fashion week and have been having so much fun! I observed when she did her spring fashion week and decided to put in some effort to participate this time around. it's nice because I work in the same thing every day (polo and jeans) and by the time I get home, I just change into pj's and be lazy. but this week I've made myself get dressed up every evening to showcase stuff from my closet. it forces me to be as creative as possible and always cheers me up because I get to feel pretty again. it's hard to feel pretty when you wear the same thing every day with minimal makeup and can't do much with your hair. but this week, my confidence has skyrocketed to the moon. I feel so good about myself.

and I have the people who comment and who have participated as well. all these girls are so beautiful and only have positive things to say. everyone is so sweet! it's given me a chance to see some creative and amazing fashion which encourages me to take risks with my fashion. and it's given me a chance to read some new blogs (even if most of them are mommy blogs). what I love and what I find so inspiring is every one is so positive and excited about what life has to offer them. if there is something bad or negative occurring in their life, they look at the positive side. and it's finally hit me that there's no reason to have bad days over stupid little things. if these gorgeous ladies can find the good out of a shitty situation (shittier than any of mine could ever be) then I should be able to find the good in having to fight crazy traffic. this week really has changed my outlook on life and I have emery to thank for that. 100%. so thank you.

I'm turning over a new leaf. a positive leaf. the old leaf that somehow was taken away with the wind.


  1. I totally agree... it has felt so special to participate and really see that each girl here is special, looks special and we are all unique.

    It has encouraged me so much to turn my wardrobe and hold my head a bit higher :)

    Oh and I simply HATE driving experiences like this. I had my driving licence for 7 month now and sometimes they scare me to dead out on the road!

  2. hey, not all of us are mommy blogs! ;) But I'm glad we were able to sprinkle a little positivity into your life. Here's to Fall Fashion Week, eh?


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