jumping back on the train

I've been quite disappointed with myself lately and my lack of ability to keep up with my monthly challenges. but then I realized that, honestly, I just don't have that much time to dedicate to blogging. I enjoy it and I enjoy reading blogs, but I don't have all day to sit around and blog about anything and everything. I don't have the time to research different things and browse for things I like. as much as I want to, there just isn't enough hours in the day.

as for february's challenge - I was doing really well and feeling really good until the cold got me. it wasn't even that bad of a cold - I just missed one day of work and that was because I had this fever that wouldn't go away. I didn't have a bad cough or snot running down my nose all day, like my usual colds although I did lose my voice for a couple of days. but I definitely took advantage of "needing to rest" to "recover." I probably rested a little too long. but I feel motivated to get going again. mainly because I want to look good this summer. I want to look and feel healthy. so I'm thinking about extending my challenge through next month. and hopefully I'll be more successful.

so not a whole lot has gone on lately. my heart is still recovering from playing with and falling in love with an adorable black 8-week old lab puppy this weekend at petsmart and then having to leave it behind. my parent's attitude has drastically changed and I enjoy spending time with them again. and chris and I are the same ol' same ol'.

I want to change my attitude. I want to change who I've become. so I'm going to try to be more positive. be more honest. be less lazy. be more active. and communicate more. maybe the more I communicate with chris, the more he'll realize it's not that hard.


challenges and birthdays

don't worry. I'm still here. I took last weekend (and then some) off of my February challenge due to the exhaustion that followed preparing for a superbowl party - which was a success by the way. not only did my future husband win, but I love spending time with family and friends. I wish I had pictures to share by my memory capturing abilities have been slacking.

anyways, working out has been good. I haven't really followed the first condition (working out for 30 minutes) but rather have been working out for however long I can stand it/can sqeeze in. anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. it's been nice though. I used to hate working out. I hate being sweaty. and am extremely lazy. but I'm really starting to enjoy it. I like the feeling post workout. the feeling of accomplishment and success.

my progress so far: I think I've acutally lost about 1.5 pounds. *frown* I know most people want to lose weight, but I so tired of being so small and puny. I hate the wind because I'm afraid I'll fly away. yes, I'm totally serious. and I'm kind of tired of getting crap from EVERY ONE for being so light/weak. but dearie chris reminded me that I'll probably have to lose weight in order to gain muscle so that's what I'm hoping for. my thighs feel stronger though. and I'm getting better at my workout routines. I haven't seen any physical change yet, but mentally I feel great!

and to end, I have to wish my dear chris a wonderful happy birthday. he's turning the big 2-8 today and I don't hesitate to remind him how close that is to the big 3-0. :)

my birthday list for this month:
7th: Tea's boyfriend Alex & Steve Nash & Mickael Pietrus (Suns players)
8th: my coworker Andrew
11th: Chris<3
13th: my brother Reuben
14th: my brother Scotty
17th: would have been my tata (RIP)

and those are just the ones I remember. so happy birthday to them all!


challenge life: [sore]ing to new heights

a bad sign of how out-of-shape I am.

my thighs are sore.
my arms are sore.
my abs are sore.

I just want to crawl into bed, where it's warm and comfy. that would be marvelous.

I didn't have much time yesterday to do much since we had a suns game to go to shortly after we got home. but I did squeeze in half an hour of exercises. I tried to give my thighs a rest and focus on other areas and now my abs and arms are definitely cursing at me. today will probably be another light day of exercises because I don't want to overwork myself and plus I'm supposed to have dinner with the 'rents. hopefully I can find enough motivation to do something despite the FREEZING COLD WEATHER!!!

I know, I know. it ain't no chicago. but damn it's cold. I mean, I live in arizona! it's not supposed to get this cold. when I got to work this morning my phone said it was 16 degrees, but "felt like 3."  the coldest I'm used to is like in the 40s.

no me gusta.

I'm being optimistic though in that the cold weather will encourage the snowbirds to return home since it's probably just a cold there (with maybe some snow).


challenge life: the slow start to success

so let's get the pre-challenge stuff out of the way.

current weight:
108 lbs

my problem areas:

area 1: my stomach

I most certainly, by ANY means, do not think I'm fat. I just don't like this gut thing I've got going on. it doesn't look too flattering. I joked with my mom once,

"it looks like I'm 6 weeks pregnant"
"no, because you wouldn't be showing that much at 6 weeks"

gee thanks mom.
area 2: my arms

I have no muscle in my bicep. none. zilch. nada. I just want to be able to carry a watermelon without praying I won't drop it on my feet or be able to easily lift my wheel chokes out of the back of the truck without heaving and hoing. that would be nice.

area 3: my thighs

I used to have pretty nice legs. I would always get compliments. in high school I was in marching band (four years of marching/running around the field) and played tennis and in college I rode my bike to school every day for 2 and half years so my legs always got a good workout. now that I drive all day and spend more than I would like time in the office my legs are starting to get a little jiggly.

so those are the areas I would like to tone. I'm going to start with lighter work outs for now so my body can get used to it again. today I did a lot of thigh exercises and I can really feel it. bleh.