new week = new attitude

ahhh I hate when I get all depressed and bummed and write mushy lame posts that make no sense to anyone but me pretty much because it's filled with so much rambling - although, which of my posts are not filled with ramblings? anyways, although I still feel pretty crappy and un-optimistic about where my relationship with chris is going, I did manage to get him to talk with me saturday morning. if he stays true to his word (for once) and I can stop being so bitchy all the time, there may still be some hope for us. I still think we need some serious professional help though. just someone we can talk to to help us find a way we can talk to each other. but we'll see.

2010-07-26 10.21.52.jpg
that's my motivational face - in case you need a little
motivation on this monday morning
it's a new week. and with new weeks comes new days. (that was deep, huh?) I woke up early, probably because I didn't sleep well at all last night (woke up four or five times between 8pm and 4am) and took a shower. I got out, and I felt motivated. (I always seem to do that when I shower monday mornings.) but so far my motivation hasn't faded yet. (sure, it's only 10am.) so I'm hoping it will last until I get home so I can get some shit done around the house. and maybe I can even get a little bit of exercising done. (if you can call wii fit and dancing aerobic videos exercising - hey, gotta start somewhere right?) and maybe this motivation will put me in a good mood for the rest of the week. and I won't be bitchy to chris and he'll be nice and loving to me and we'll live happily ever after!

hope everyone else is having a motivational monday.

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  1. Maintaining motivation is the key, to anything. :) Glad you are feeling better this week. And keep rambling away!


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