fyi: SFW = summer fashion week! I'm so excited. not just because I missed spring fashion week and get to participate this time, but also because chris has agreed to be my photographer. woohoo! glad he didn't think I was (am) super lame. my postings will be later in the day since I work all day and my work fashion is lame/boring. maybe I'll show it one of these days. but for now, I get to dress up in the evening for no occasion and for no one's eyes but yours. and for that, I am grateful. I get to feel (and look) like a girl again. the one thing I miss from being in school: getting to dress up every day.

here's my monday evening fashion!

first of all, I just recently cut my hair waaay short. so I hope you like it. and I hope it doesn't make me look like a boy. some alternative views.

top: not completely certain
either papaya or charlotte russe
belt: target
shorts: wet seal
flip flops: charlotte russe

 this is my "cool" look.
kind of a fun little bonding moment with chris and I. gotta make sure he gets better close-ups next time. can't wait to pick out something for tomorrow. thanks for viewing!


  1. What a fun summer outfit. I heart plaid.

  2. Your hair is AMAZING!!! Not too short at all! You totally rock it. And your outfit is toooooo cute. You're adorable.

  3. Cute haircut! Definitely a nice look for summer :) Also, I'm jealous you have a photographer :) my roommates sleep in too late to get pics of me, haha

  4. i call this "cow-girl chic!" super cute!

  5. Yay for bonding moments and for excuses to dress up EVERY day!


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