Living Well: Letting Go

I have some free time at work today, so I figured I'd jot some thoughts down.

people always say that you can't love others until you love yourself. and I firmly believe that you can't love yourself until you learn to let go. letting go is one of the biggest things I struggle with. but when I do, I find more appreciation and accept myself easier. it's easier to find love within yourself when you can let the bad - or what you may consider bad - things go.

Chris and I have been together for six years - since I was 18. and sometimes when I think about things I did (or didn't do) when I was that age, I think I'm a horrible person. what kind of girlfriend makes her boyfriend leave his friend's wedding early? what kind of girlfriend blew little things out of proportion?

I did.

and that's exactly it, I did. those were things I did in the past. when I was young. when I was basically lost and didn't know who I was. do I do those same kind of things now? no (or at least I try really hard not to or not as often). before I can accept the person I am today and love her, I have to let go of the person I was. I cannot change the (what seems to be to me) awful things I did in the past - I can only ensure that I am putting the effort in every day to be better. I've let go of the person I was because I know I've grown into the awesome person I am today. I have no regrets - I know I wasn't perfect before, but everything happens for a reason. and those things made me into the person I am today.

I feel that once you are able to let go of the things you've done or the person you used to be, you can work on letting go of the hurtful things others have done to you that left you scarred. everything's a cycle - you can expect to let go of something someone did to you if you can't let go of things you did to people. just like you can't love others until you love yourself.

quote lyric of the moment:
"Regrets and mistakes
they are memories made"
-Adele "Someone Like You"


quick update

it's difficult to keep up with a blog when you work full time, an avid sports fanatic, planning a wedding, or a loyal family member. unfortunately I'm (d) all of the above. if I'm not exhausted from working all day I'm watching football. if there's no football on, I'm trying to gather things for a wedding. if I'm not planning a wedding, I have dinner plans or something planned with my parents. so time for me to sit down for a good period of time to write out an interesting blog with substance is limited. and finishing half written posts I've written is even more difficult. ahh!

so, since I'm short on time here's a quick list of the most exciting and/or important things that happened in my life since my last post (September 2nd).

  1. Chris and I finally decided to take the leap and get married and had my lovely SIL take some pictures of us for save the dates.
  2. doctors did some testing on Chris to see if something could be done with his epilepsy (he'll be going back soon for more to determine if he could do surgery or some other alternative to stop his seizures).
  3. booked a venue & picked a date for our upcoming wedding!
  4. went camping with the fam and we determined that Ginger and my parent's dog, Cheyenne, will never be friends again.
  5. thought I was going to lose my job or my mind from all the forecasting I was sucking at.
  6. almost lost the date & venue we picked due to a double-booking issue (luckily we booked first!)
  7. sent out our save the dates (no turning back now).
also, if you're a photographer or photography lover and can't leave your camera at home you should head over to Danielle's blog at Sometimes Sweet. she's hosting a wonderful giveaway for these gorgeous and amazing camera bags. I'm hoping to snag one for the before mentioned lovely SIL to give her an adorable bag to safely hold her camera while she's out and about. so go on over & check it out!