yay! I actually have a reason to dress up this afternoon. good ol' shopping and wetzel pretzels with my favorite tracy!

but first, a look at my everyday work attire.

hard hat: provided from work
safety glasses: from work (sierrita)
polo: aeropastale
safety vest: from work
cheap jeans: walmart
boots: converse
exciting, I know. when you work at a mine, you have a dress code (like most workplaces). only problem is mine requires jeans & ppe (personal protective equipment). and because I work with acidic solutions (hence the cheap jeans - if you seen my other one, you'd see what acid wash really means) it's not really practical to wear cute blouses. I know, lucky me.

 now on to my outfit for my girl time with tracy! 

ginger wanted to be included too
something a little more girly for a trip to the mall. if you look downstairs you can see some of our mess in our kitchen. looks like we need to clean.

top: papaya
vest: charlotte russe
jean skirt: target
I'm obsessed with flats. I hate wearing socks so I wear tennis shoes very seldom. I think flats bring just the right amount of femininity to any outfit. I find about 90% of my flats at charlotte russe. they're always a good price.

flats: charlotte russe
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  1. you're hilarious. I think it's charming that you posted your work clothes!

    and your regular clothes are super hot to trot as well!

  2. perfect for a fun outing with a friend! Oh and I personally love your work attire too. You look so tough! :)

  3. I agree about flats adding femininity--they go with everything! Cute outfit (both of them--that orange vest has its own flare, ya know?) :)

  4. How can you look so cute in two opposite outfits on the same day? No fair!


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