first of all, thanks to everyone for the such sweet comments. I wish everyone in the world could feel the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from your compliments. I'm going to do my part in sharing this feeling as much as I can but just smiling and giving compliments more. too bad I can't bottle up this feeling and pour it over everyone I walk by.

you've all inspired me. not only are your outfits amazing and effortless, but you share such positivity. it's funny how so many of you found an outfit I've always found boring, cute. I guess it's different since I seriously have to wear the same thing every day. just a different color polo and different jeans. so to me, it's boring. but you've helped me realize that it doesn't have to be.

so during my wonderful shopping trip with my dearest friend yesterday, I got tons of accessories to spruce up my everyday look. (as much as I could find that still followed our lame dress code.) so today, as I was wearing a grey polo, I added this cute silver headband. (a) forgive the bad photography. my photographer wasn't near and I was using my phone (camera's battery died). and (b) forgive the shitty makeup. stayed out too late last night to wash it off & woke up to late this morning to properly fix it sooo....   

silver braided headband: the icing
polo: aeropastale
jeans: walmart
here you can see the braided detail a little more.

I also got some adorable earrings to wear with my brighter colored polos. it's not much, but I feel it brings more personality to everyday boring work clothes.

this evening I'm headed over to my parents' house to go swimming and for homemade pizza. yum. and when the the highs are 114-116 degrees here and it's the dry heat so you don't feel like doing anything because it's just so dang hot, it's nice to live four miles away from your parents' who have a pool. so here's my pre-swimming look.

top: wet seal
boyfriend shorts: charlotte russe
ginger just got out the water and was shaking off. hence her crazy look and my awkward pose.
in my arms: pepper
by my feet: ginger

mini poinsettia hair clip: the icing
rose earrings: tillys
can't wait to see what you all wore today! and it's not too late to join in!


  1. I really, really like your so called 'awkward' pose. And the red shirt w/white shorts? Fantastic. You're just so adorable!

  2. Your red floral top is super duper cute but I love the blue rose earrings the very best.

  3. Oh my, those earrings are adorable.

  4. Cutie cute! Good choice with the headband, I heart both gray and silver. And I think your day-after makeup looks just fine---sometimes I rock that myself.

  5. love the top w/shorts, just love. that outfit makes me wish i could wear shorts everyday!

  6. very cute! You have adorable hair, and I LOVE THAT HEADBAND! I always want to try them, but am never brave enough

  7. SIGH, I just wrote a long comment and the system gulped it down during login at Wordpress.

    It was something about your hot long suntanned legs in the white shorts (I need to finally shorten and sew mine, that is still lying next to the sewing machine)!
    Oh, and I love the top as well as the white flipflops and your tatoo.

    You looks so very much like SUMMER standing next to the pool.


thanks for taking the time to add some input and love :)