why I am having an awesome Friday so far...

  • got to my office to find my new office phone installed
  • got confirmation that our new backyard tree and bushes were delivered
  • have siiiick seats to the diamondbacks game tonight with my parents
  • going to Tucson tomorrow for a wedding
  • found out my boss is leaving to go to Utah
  • my leftover salad from last night was still delicious (although my toppings to lettuce ratio is waaaay off)
  • it's Friday!!
hope everyone elseis having a fabulous Friday!


Learn Something New Tuesday! Vol. Two

It's seriously so hard for me to find time to blog. I have ideas of what to blog about but am exhausted by the time I get home from work. (if I'm exhausted from sitting in my office/driving around the mine/going to meetings all day, I'd hate to see how I feel raising kids!) I have a couple more "music in my life" posts to write but again, it's hard for me to find enough time to sit down and write good reviews. but they'll be coming.

It seems every weekend has been jammed-packed for me. This weekend we'll be going to a D-Backs game (courtesy of work - well a vendor we work with) then we'll head down to Tucson on Saturday for a wedding for one of Chris's close friends. (Chris will be the last one out of the group, I think.) then Sunday we'll probably be planting the trees/shrubs that will have been delivered on Friday. phew.

Anyways, onto Learn Something New Tuesday! This week's category is "random."

Do you get nervous before going to a doctors appointment?

indeed I do. I hate not knowing what the outcome may be. I'm always paranoid that something's wrong with me that I didn't notice. I watch too many Discovery Health shows...

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?
I used to have these pair of gold loop earrings that had like a little strand spiralling around the loop that my tata gave to me and I loooved, but I dropped one of them down my friend Tracy's sister's drain a long time ago. I still have the other one.
I love LOVE LOOOOVE my engagement ring but I don't get to wear that very often... :(

What type of songs do you sing in the shower?
I really don't sing in the shower. I can never remember the words of songs in the shower.

When you were younger, did you ever have cartoon sheets?
yeah. I remember having Minnie Mouse sheets.

Do you care about the William and Kate wedding?
not really. I think the Kate gal is pretty and has good style but other than that I don't pay too much attention.

How many TV’s are in your house?
I only have one actual TV in the living room. 

wanna join in on the fun?


Learn Something New Tuesday! Vol. One

I thought it would be fun to participate in random questionnaires hosted by a friend of a friend of my sister's blog. Because it's a Tuesday and I'm bored. :)

this week's questions are categorized as "random."

Are you annoyed by people who don't type correctly?
I'm annoyed when people use abbreviations for words. Like "FML" or "ttyl." but I mainly hate when people are "incapable" of typing out the whole word, like "U" or "4" or "NEthing." It just seems lazy to me. unless you're talking about finger placement on the keys, then I don't care.

Are you a grammar freak?
Yes & no. I'm not overly a freak about it, but I do find myself correcting people in my head every once in a while. my biggest grammar peeves are when people use "their" instead of "they're" or when people use "and me" instead of "and I" or visa versa. I know. I'm a nerd.

Do you love the popcorn at movie theatres?
YES. it's pretty much the highlight of my movie experience.

Where is the best place to go buy pizza?
Papa Murphy's. mmmmm.

What was the last award you received?
umm. my sister gave me one but I'm not sure what it's called exactly.

Are you a beach person or a mountain person?
I spend most of my time in the mountains since that's all Arizona has. but I do love the beach and have the goal to visit San Diego at least once a year.

black holes and revelations

it's quite amazing how much someone can influence your actions. I've always been a "be yourself" and "who cares what others think" kind of girl but I have learned to find it harmless to care what people think (to an extent) and to be influence by the people you spend your time around. and lately it makes me wonder who am I? a lot more. I mean, not just who am I? but who do I want to be? I know who I am - I'm Alicia. I work at a mine. I co-own a house, a car, and two dogs. and I have an awesome family that I'm really close with. But am I good? am I caring? am I spontaneous and fun? these are the things I feel a little more lost on. But that's the process of transisting from childhood/teen-hood to adulthood, right? that's what your 20s are for: finding out who you really are.

I find myself quite influenced by others lately. My brother & sister-in-law just bought their first home and within weeks of living there, it looks like a home. It looks like somewhere you can raise a family and eat spaghetti on the couch while watching movies. and it reflects who they are perfectly. my sister has done such a swell job at decorating their place. it made me slightly jealous. I love their house! I love what they've done with it. and it made me look around my own house (with Chris of course) and realize how it still looks new. sure, we've added a lot of furniture to it, but there's not much decorating. you can't look around and see mine or Chris's personality in it. I want a homey-home and ours doesn't meet the criteria. so my sister encouraged me to be more involved in decorating our house. I've always enjoy decorating and coordinating patterns and colors (I still wonder if I should have majored in interior decorating rather than chemical engineering) and I want to find more time to do it. I need to stop being lazy and embrace the bonding experience it will bring Chris and me (hopefully).

I also visited my dear friend Jenna this weekend who is a wonderful baker/cook. She whipped up some banana nut muffins within half an hour and they were DE-LISH-OUS. she inspired me to try harder to be a better cook and to take a shot at baking. I want to be more of a housewifegirlfriend. I want to be able to bake treats for people and make meals for parties. I want to be a hostess more and have people enjoy my cooking/baking.

overall, I think I want to become a better adult. take care of myself more. start relying on myself rather than others (they never follow through). and stop depending on restaurants to provide meals.


annoyance of the day: trucks that people lift so much they look like monster trucks

example of overly-lifted truck

I don't have a problem with people who drive trucks and I accept the fact that some people like lifting their trucks higher (although I think it looks a little ridiculous), but I don't understand people who lift their trucks so much that it looks monster truck-esque. I absolutely cannot wrap my head around any kind of reasoning as to lifting it so high. I don't think it looks "cool" and I find it unbelievable that anyone would. but people do. and most of the time I will look the other way, but here's why I dislike them so much:
  1. they're lights are blinding
  2. they spew out disgusting black smoke
  3. they can't see where they're going and subsequently can't stay on the road
  4. I can't see around them to pass
  5. they're slow
I mean really. if you have the inability to stay in your lane, then you shouldn't be allowed to drive. and I would think people "soup" up their vehicles to drive faster and look cooler (at least I would) but for some reason every huge-ass truck I get behind is slow - like, below-the-speed-limit slow. what's the point then?

I got stuck behind one of these "monsters" on the way to Chris's office this morning. the speed limit is 25. I was going 15 and still couldn't get far enough behind him to avoid the black cloud while still moving. (it doesn't help that you have to go up this big hill to get to the mine offices.) and then the douche drove down the middle of the road the whole way! it's bad enough the road is already quite narrow. if I were coming the other way (which I would have been if I was 5 minutes earlier), I would be definitely ran off the road, if not crushed.

I want to punch this guy. if you're going to lift your truck so high for wahtever reason, at least respect the other drivers on the road - don't act like you're better than everyone else because you are bigger. you're not a haul truck - you don't scare me.

good news though: this fellow forgot to set his parking brake in the parking lot today and rolled backwards through a fence and into a ditch. and because of our site policy, an incident report had to be filed (which everyone will see tomorrow) and he had to be taken for a drug & alcohol test. I'm sure he got into trouble with his supervisor too. karma tastes so sweet.


just another manic monday

I hate Mondays (who doesn't) and I usually try to take it easy Mondays at work to allow myself to recover from the weekend (not the hard-partying recovering, but more the try-to-get-as-much-done-as-you-can-on-your-only-two-days-off-and-still-see-family-and-catch-up-on-favorite-tv-shows-and-get-adequate-sleep kind of recovering). however, with my new responsibilities at work comes less time "take it easy" at work - which is probably the reason why I've felt soo exhausted the past couple of weeks that I have NO energy to do anything let alone work out (thank god I still have 5 months until San Diego).

as I was sitting in my morning meeting today, and filling line after line in my planner, I realized I have a shit load to do today. bummers. (guess no close-the-door-nap). but out of the 16 things I needed to do today, I completed 12 of them, and started 2 of them.

yeeeaaaaaah booooooiiiy.

and now my day is over. amazing. I know.