fashion friday v. 3

breaking news! I can now finally fully eat with both sides of my mouth! wooooo! I'm eating lunch (tuna casserole which is sooooo amazingly good that it almost deserves it's own blog post) and finally get to really enjoy it because I'm not concentrating on eating on just the left side of my mouth. oh, some background would probably be helpful for those who don't know. at the end of june, (the 27th) I had the two wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth pulled. not because they bothered me (I barely noticed they came in or that they were even there) but because they fear the top one would get too many cavities (there was a gap between it and the tooth next to it) and the tooth on the bottom was coming in at an angle and got caught onto a nook of the tooth next to it. so it was more of, what we like to call here at work, preventative maintenance. I was majorally upset though since there weren't any major issues with it, but whatever. I had so much pain in my jaw (all along the jawline to my chin) for pretty much four weeks. like crazy pain. like wake-me-up pain. I was popping ibuprofen like I was drug addict. I'm surprised I didn't overdose personally because sometimes it would hurt so bad that I would pop a bunch without really thinking about much other than getting rid of the pain. pain aside, needless to say I had a hole in my mouth that kept getting food in it. so I avoided eating with that side of my mouth so I didn't have to go through the trouble of getting the food out using this fancy curvy syringe tool thing they gave me to clean it out (which happens to be the exact same tool we use to clean cheyenne's battle wounds - not the exact same one - the vet gave cheyenne her own). well now, my hole's (which I would refer to my "tooth hole" per request of my family since saying "crap I got stuff in my hole" anywhere is borderline inappropriate) pretty closed up that I can somewhat easily use my tongue to clean it out. so I'm not afraid to eat on that side anymore! yay! it's hard to keep food on one side of your mouth.

that's not the reason I'm writing (although I'm not sure if there really is one) and I probably went into too much detail but it's a good thing for me. and I get to leave work a little early for a doctor's appointment where I'll hopefully be able to convince my doctor to switch my birth control and hopefully I won't feel nauseous every morning! (although tracy's advice she gave to me of taking it earlier in the evening did help but instead of being nauseous at 4/5 am, I get nauseous at 2/3 am and if I happen to wake up at that time it sucks.)

so today's going alright so far. thank god. because i really need a good day. I've been really down in the dumps lately and it's really exhausting. things haven't gotten better with chris. just more bullshit that makes me more frustrated and depressed. although yesterday it seemed he finally kinda understands why I haven't set up an appointment with a counselor or something. but I'll get into that another time.

I want to do a fashion friday! (sorry you had to read all of that tooth stuff to get to the good stuff.) I've recently discovered and fell in love with etsy (I know, I'm way slow, not to mention uber lame). it's the easiest way for me to see unique styles that I like. here's a few things that caught my eye:

if I cooked a lot, I'd want an apron like this. I love the vintage-y style - too cute. it's almost like a mini dress. and the green waistband and pocket are awesome.
The CHLOE Vintage Inspired Sweet Strawberries on Pink Full Apron

I love the color of this necklace. it's so simple yet it draws me to it for some reason.
Peach Tea Rose Necklace FREE Shipping

this hair piece it also adorable and simple with a vintage feel. would be great for my short hair.
Dark Daisy Hairpins
Skirt with high waist

I love the owl thing too.
Unchain My Heart Mini Dress

this next one I'm actually stealing from amanda. she posted it a while ago, but it's still fresh on my mind and I love it so.

:) that's all. have a good friday.

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  1. That necklace is adorable. The simpleness definitely draws the eye. Also, congrats on being able to eat for real again! How exciting!


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