annoyance of the day: feeling nauseous

more importantly, feeling nauseous early in the morning when I have to drive to work. it's bad enough, body, that I need to get as much sleep as possible to be alert and capable of driving both in the morning and (now) in the afternoon. but do you seriously have to make me nauseous so early in the day? it makes it really difficult to drive when you feel like you're going to vomit. it is also unsafe since there aren't very many pullout spaces for me to throw up. it is also the only time embarrassing and inconvenient to throw up in the morning while I'm out in the field. yesterday was the second time I've thrown up at work. and of course my coworkers aren't the kind to be sympathetic for more than 24 hours and therefore torture ensues for the rest of my life. ("do we need to fill out a spill report? you know, for your throw up.") and again today I feel nauseous. it's hard to get any work done when you feel like you're going to puke. near impossible. I feel even more useless here at work than I did before. (is that even possible?)

and it's not completely your fault, body. a lot of the blame goes to our dear friend, the pill. damn you pill. you're really fucking with my hormones. and body is not a fan of you either, obviously. one would think I was pregnant. I would imagine the feeling is much like morning sickness. and therefore is another reason why I don't want babies. I mean if my body can't handle the hormone changes from the pill, how the hell is it going to handle the hormone changes of having a baby growing inside of me?!

this is my third month on the pill. I figured it'd be like this for a couple of months. but a couple is two. and I'm at three. therefore, my body should be getting used to it, right? maybe it hasn't been enough time. we'll see if I get better by month five.

until then, damn you pill. damn you to hell.

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