fashion friday on monday

because I was so busy the past few days and friday was a busy day at work trying to get things done I didn't before I left thursday I didn't get to do my second fashion friday. but no worries, this week I'll be ready with awesome stuff (?). but I did want to mention that a blog I read (moms are for everyone) is doing this fun thing called fashion week. she did one for the spring and I thought it was so fun and interesting to see everyone's styles outfits each day of the week that I wish I joined in. so I'm gonna make the effort to show what I've got for her summer fashion week.

it'll be kinda hard/boring to show what I wear each day (which is the point - click the picture above for the blog entry on how it works) since I wear polos, jeans, and steel toed boots every day for work. so I think I'm just going to come home, change into something cute, and talk chris into taking a picture for me. that's my goal at least. can't wait. :)

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