Fall Fashion Week: day seis

I don't have much to say today since my suns fell apart in the 4th quarter...again. so I'm pretty bummed about it. I scratched up my leg with the stupid fan things they gave us, I barely have any voice, and I have a headache that feels like a hangover although I didn't drink anything. so on top of being pissed off at my suns, I'm feeling pretty crummy.

anyways, I'm cheating. today I'm helping my aunt and cousin move so I'll be wearing a tee and shorts all day but that's no fun. so here's an outfit that I could wear whenever fall comes back. our fall seemed to have periodically left since it's in the 80's again and I'm wearing shorts. whatev.
top, jacket, & boots: kohl's
jeans: charlotte russe
hope everyone else is having a great weekend & don't forget to give love to the lovely ladies.


  1. Love that tanks and those boots!

  2. this pink looks so nice with you, I can't wear it since my natural hair colour is a bit reddish, so I am always jealous seeing a great pink on someone else

  3. Your jacket is "tough" and super cool. And I love the pink on you!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  4. I'm sorry you're having a bad day. You sure do LOOK adorable (and I bet you looked adorable in your tee while helping with the move, too).
    Hope your Sunday goes better.

  5. That top is such a fabulous color. You look great!


  6. that fuschia color looks great on you!


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