cliff notes of my life

yes, I understand it's been awhile since my last posting but I've been too lazy to really get in touch with my feelings and spill them out. so instead of going into detail of how my last 4 weeks or so have been, here is the summed up, cliff notes version.


took my girls trip to san diego. had a blast. weather was perfect. can't wait to do it again.

therapy seems to be a waste of my time.

fights with my dad is really getting to me.

suns win their first preseason game against the mavericks on saturday. cardinals pulled off a win sunday with undrafter rookie hall starting.


chris & I visited the ol' town of tucson for his best friend's wedding (which he was a part of - he's the one with the red arrow pointing at him). I haven't been in tucson since I graduated and got to catch up with an awesome friend. (sadly no pictures.) the wedding was nice, but I have a list of things I DON'T want to do at my wedding.


we got our half season tickets package for the 2010-2011 suns basketball season! I probably gave chris's dad good reason to think I'm lame because I jumped up and down a bit. (ok a lot.) I can't wait until october 19 when we get to go to our first game! (preseason.)

and our first regular season game is the
home opener against the lakers!!!


talk about nerve wrecking....but it can't be as bad as the loved ones who have to wait 15-20 minutes for their beloved to come up from the chilean mine after 69 days! (yay for the rescued miners!)

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