Day 08: Short term goals for this month and why

  1. get office furniture put together and placed into office and organize all that shit so that the office is a functional office. it's hard to pay bills and do anything in an office where you have no space to put anything.
  2. get Bentley's oil changed. because he's been needing it for a couple of weeks now.
  3. put up new fan in guest bedroom. because it gets stuffy and it needs one.
  4. install garage door opener. so I don't have to get out in this cold weather to use all my energy to manually lift it up.
  5. see my future fiance in the social network with chris. because I wanna see it since I heard such good things about it.
  6. get something accomplished at work. because I'm starting to feel like a worthless employee.
  7. hang out with a friend. because I'm lame and lonely.
  8. get rid of chris's car. because I'm sick of it taking up space in our driveway when no one drives it and it's a piece of shit. seriously, it shakes violently when you drive it and I just feel dirty sitting in it.
  9. finish my little craft projects. so that I can organize my stuff and use my creative juices for something.
and that's mainly what I want to get done in the next 30 days or so.

see the full list of challenging questions here.

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