Day 07: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

my tata & I
my tata: he's inspired me to always continue to improve my life and my skills/trades. he was constantly doing things. and he was so talented in so many different areas. he painted beautiful sceneries, he crafter amazing furniture from wood, and made the most delicious mexican food. he's inspired me to be kind to all and to always allow people into my home. he was always helping others and making loved ones different things. my brother & I have a little chair he made us when we were little kids. mine says "'lil luvie." I remember going over to his house every christmas morning and smelling tamales and beans while he was listening to the grand canyon suite.  he was such a wonderful person and I miss him every day. he passed away almost 2 years ago, unexpectedly - at least for me.

my mom & I
my mom: my mom is my rock. she keeps me sane. she is the person who I can talk to about anything and everything. she is my best friend. she is my role model. she's taught me to be unselfish and think about others first. she's also shown me never to give up and to never stop trying.

my dad & I
my dad: sometimes I think my dad is my twin. we have the same sense of humor and same attitude and stubborness. he's taught me to laugh and never take life too seriously. he's also taught me how to work hard and not half-ass anything. you need to earn what you get and not let it be handed to you. even though my dad and I argue a lot (going back to being twins), I love my dad very much and can't imagine him not being in my life.

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