Day 13: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

the only person who has really hurt me recently is well aware of my pain so I don't find much of a need to write it out for the world to see.....so I'll do this instead.

dear my dearest pepper,

I know you're just a pup, but seriously, you need to chill out. the constant running up and down the stairs, in and out the doggie door, and on and off the bed are driving me crazy. I can't keep track of you. I turn my back and you're on the counter! how are you getting up on the counter!! you're tiny!

speaking of how tiny you are, you aren't really that tiny. the vet said you'd be lucky to get to 30 lbs and you're well over 40 (I wouldn't be surprised if you are over 50!). you were supposed to stay tiny. you were my little puppy. you fit so well into my arms and curled up so perfectly next to my chest. what happened? your disease was supposed to stunt your growth, not work like miracle growth.

speaking of you almost dying, what the hell?! we saved you're life and you repay us by chewing every possible thing in sight and waking us me up at 2 am? you obliterated our bouganvilla plant that didn't even get the chance to bloom. you get our spatula off the counter & gnaw on it. you tear apart my underwear (although I know this is a joint effort with ginger).
and speaking of ginger, I know you idolize her, but please, PLEASE, don't follow her bad habits. don't become her. be your own dog. you already jump on people when they come to the door and now you're starting to learn to bark at every moving thing outside. don't succumb to peer pressure. don't be a follower. ginger doesn't even like you that much anyways.

but I love you. more than chris. so stop cuddling up with him and cuddle up with me again. it hurts you choose him over me. I miss you. you're so far away yet you're at my feet. come back, my little one.


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