Day 06: Favorite super hero and why

this one's hard for me to answer because I don't really have a favorite superhero. although I've seen the modern movies of Batman and Iron Man and such (Iron Man is probably my fave since, like my sister so accurately described, I love "the sense of humor that Robert Downey Jr. brings to the character") but I didn't watch the cartoons or read the comic books with the normal superheros growing up. I watched power rangers. and teenage mutant ninja turtles. and the original transformers. and when I think of superheros, those aren't the ones that come to mind.

so instead of choosing a superhero, I'm gonna go with an awesome, bad-ass cartoon character who helped save the world. and in that case, I choose leonardo from the original movies of teenage mutant ninja turtles. he was my favorite because (a) he was the blue one & blue was my favorite color at the time (b) he was the only one who I felt had a real weapon - out of the four, I think a sword would do the most damage and (c) I liked his attitude and just thought he was a total bad-ass. Michelangelo would come in second because he was funny and liked pizza....mmm...pizza.

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