Fall Fashion Week: day cinco

I have two looks again for today. the first look is what I wore yesterday and was completely inspired by rachel's monday look where she wore an adorable lace-sleeve top. when I first think lace sleeves I think...grade schoolish? but rachel made them look so adorable and fun I told her I wanted one! well while shopping I found these lacey (& semi-poofy) sleeve tops. I was a little hesitant but it was like they were calling out to me to try something different and buy them. so in my attempt to look as beautiful and awesome as rachel I decided to give it a shot. I'm trying not to think of it as copy-ing her, just more of being inspired by her fashion. so here's my spin on it:

the whole outfit is from kohl's except the shoes. the shoes are probably the most expensive flats I've ever bought. they're from aldo. here's a close up of some of the details.

the next look is what I'm actually wearing today. today is an important day for a nerd/sports freak like me. today is the day we (and by we, I mean the suns) take our revenge on the stupid lakers. they (in combination with amar'e stoudemire's lack of playing his best) are the reason we didn't make it to the finals. we were this close! those bastards. anyways, chris & I have half season tickets and we definitely lucked out with our package because not only do we get the first home game, but we get the first home game against the lakers. so it's going to be a crazy/stressful night for me. hopefully we'll win.
suns 2010 playoff "beat la" shirt: suns team shop
jeans: wet seal
booties: kohl's
I'm also including this picture because chris says it's my natural smile which he loves. :) for some reason when I take pictures I do this overly smile deal which I don't know how NOT to do. my parents were making fun of me at this moment which made me laugh and he happened to catch it. he then told me to practice it.

can't wait to see your looks whenever I get around to them! go check out how beautiful these ladies are!


  1. Love the top! It looks great on you. I hope the game is awesome for you (and not too stressful).

    I think I got the shoes, which are a brick red, from a converse outlet a couple years ago, but I can't quite remember.

  2. You're adorable. Especially with your "natural smile". {I get photo face too... but I haven't noticed yours looking silly this week!!}

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. love the bow. and you crack me up!!!

  4. I am a Lakers fan and will overlook your shirt given your adorable pictures!

  5. your bow and shoes are so cute!

  6. awww i have the same background....plus your outfits are so cute and fun!

    Check out my Style Blog

  7. Way to take a risk with the top... and it paid off! It's a beautiful shirt, not "little kid" at all. I love the huge flower in your hair too!


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