annoyance of the day: student loans

I've been outstanding at paying off my student loans. I received notices a couple of months before I had to start making payments and I was prepared. and I've always paid way before the due date and always paid extra to get it paid off sooner - the responsible thing to do. and not only have I paid off my student loans on time and more than the minimum payment, but I've paid all of my bills the same way. I had all my credit cards paid off and was getting a good chunk of our furniture and car payments taken care of. my credit score was looking good.

so eff you sallie mae for fucking that all up. big congrats on your part for not validating my contact information before my payments started coming in. the last actual letter I received from you was years ago, and I received many since saying that my loans were sold to the department of education. how was I to know that I still had one loan through you? you never confirmed that I received any information I supposedly received from you. you never sent me any payment booklets or bills to let me know. I got nothing.

and now you're hitting me with huge late fee charges. and when I talk to your idiot customer service lady, she seems to be having trouble finding my scenario in her pre-fabbed script book. she stumbles out that I should have known since it is stated in the terms & conditions when I registered online that all correspondance would be through email. but I never registered online. "you changed your password in june of 2008." how did I first register for an online account last night when one already existed for the loan? most legitimate sites for loans and shit won't let you register multiple times for the same account. and I haven't used my old email address that was on file for years. I can't even get in it anymore! you couldn't have sent me an actual letter making sure I still use my email account since 07/08 when I first got the loan? how many people keep track of their multiple loans when they're shuffled from one bank to another throughout 4 years? you expect me to automatically remember and know everything?

you suck. and so does your $700 past due payment. thanks for helping to make my student loan and repayment process easy. bastards.

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