Fall Fashion Week: day cuatro

wow there's so many awesome looks! I wish I had more hours in the day to be able to go through all of them (I'm still on Tuesday looks). I'll catch up eventually so don't be surprised if you get a comment from me that's days late.

I'm glad the belt was a success - I've never done a belt around a top before so I was a little hesitant. I figure now's the time to be bold though.

no date night tonight - it's been pushed back to next week. too bad - my date look was hot. ;)

I had some errands to finish since I didn't have enough time yesterday. the arizona weather is creeping back as it was a little warm today - warm enough for me to wear shorts - and I get cold easily. so here's my look, simple & comfy:
sweater top: mudd - kohl's
shorts: wet seal
head band: kohl's
boots: candies - kohl's
necklace: charming charlie

the second photo is my ho-down dance pose. I don't country dance (let alone listen to much country - although I can't get taylor swift's new cd out of my head - seriously I have a weird mashup of half the songs playing over and over in my head & I don't know why...I'm kinda scared) so I guess it's my interpretation of the ho-down. I was hoping my hair was long enough to braid into pigtails but I'm not even close. trying to grow my hair out is like jumping off a plane. it's sooo hard.....ok that was a bad analogy - it's nothing like jumping off a plane. but you get the point. maybe? it's hard. I haven't had long hair since I was in 5th grade. short hair is so wonderful and amazingly easy to handle. with longer hair I always feel obligated to do something with it as soon as I get out of the shower, otherwise it gets this funky outward curl thing on the bottom.

anyways, onto the deets:
the first pic is to show the little details of the top. it's not much, but I think it gives a little edgy feel. you can see my piles of cd's in the second pic. and I didn't realize my hair looked that red in the light.

thanks again for your sweet comments. they're definitely a picker-upper during the rough and downer week I've been having so far.

please share the love with the other fabulous ladies!


  1. you are so cute and fun in your pics! love the headband!!

  2. I love that sweater! You are so cute!
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  3. Love your poses! That looks like a great running-errands outfit. I love all the little details.

  4. that is a great sweater... looks cozy!

  5. Love this outfit! And can I have your boots please?


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