Fall Fashion Week: day uno

the most wonderful time of the year has come once again - and no, I'm not talking about basketball season (although first suns game is TO-MOR-ROW!!!) and no, I'm not talking about christmas (although that is coming up pretty quick, isn't it?), but FALL FASHION WEEK BABY!! you must go see how stylish these lovely ladies can be, fo' sho', yo.

since I spend 10 hours of my day wearing lame work clothes where I can't express my fashionality too much due to the risks of getting cute stuff caught in moving parts and having things ruined by acid (gotta love my job), my outfits are going to be my "after-work specials." but because I get home from work soo late and I'm usually uber tired, I had to keep one step ahead this time.

with that being said, here's my saturday night look for dinner at buffalo wild wings with friends.
top: express
jeans: charlotte russe
boots: wet seal
awesome-ness: parents

don't mind the puppies roaming around and my hair's kinda dull since I just got out of the shower - I've decided I'm going to attempt to grow it out (which I haven't been able to successfully do since I was in elementary school when I wasn't aware of the amazing-ness that is short hair). it's been quite chilly the past week but I think it's going to be warm again this week, so I might not get to show off too many pairs of jeans, but we'll see. (plus I think my favorite jeans are still at my parents' - eek.)

enjoy the other looks of fashion week 2010 here.


  1. Too cute! It's great that you credit your awesomeness! That's awesome!

  2. LOVE the pups and such cute poses!

  3. "awesome-ness: parents" Love. It.
    Your pics are too spunky and cute for words.

    And this is my first visit, so I must know what the heck do you do for a living??? moving parts and ACID?!?

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  4. You are so cute! I am following!

    Happy Fall Fashion Week!

    Mandy @ she breathes deeply

  5. cute top -- i really like the cowl/off-the-shoulder bit. and your puppies? adorable. i want one. =)

  6. You look great! Love this whole outfit! :)

  7. Love this very "fall"-ish outfit!

  8. That shirt is to die for, especially the neck line. You look hot!

  9. yeah, I totally get the "after work special" outfits... that's what my fashion week will consist of as well.

    I'd chow on some BW3's with you... you're looking good!

  10. Cute top-- looks great on you!

  11. This ensemble is SOOOO flattering!!! The off-the shoulder shows off your collarbones and the tight jeans + boots = hot! Your personality is shining though with those poses, too! Keep it up. :)

    P.S. Being able to turn you on to a fashion trend you didn't like before is the best compliment you could give. And thanks for your comment about my posing.. Hopefully I can think of a new one each day, huh?

  12. First I love your blog because we chose the same background.
    Second, cute outfit!
    Let's see what's up for tomorrow!

  13. Awesome Sauce! I'm loving the off shoulder top, its super flattering on you!

  14. This outfit looks so good on you! I love the top,the leggings, it all works. =D

  15. love the color of the top. you look totally cute!


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