5 loves v.1

Phoenix Suns I'm so stoked and anxious for the season to start it's not even funny. I can't wait to show off my gear and love for the team. this is going to be our year. I know it.
Homemade Guacamole my mom's homemade guac is the best. sure, it may look weird and different (it's probably the cottage cheese in it that's making you question it's authenticity) but it's a family recipe that's been passed on from my grandparents (who are full blood mexican) and it's to die for. I could eat it all day (and so far I have been).
Neon Trees Habits album it's a short album but it's so dang catchy I can't get it out of my cd player. it reminds me of 80s music like aha or flock of seagulls. fun dancey stuff.

My Car (Bentley) not sure if I mentioned it but I got him on my birthday - no it wasn't a gift to me - I paid the down payment. but I love this car. it amazes me every day and I'm still learning new features after a couple of months of owning him. the drive is always so smooth and I actually enjoy driving so much now.
Grey's Anatomy yesterday was the season premiere and I've spent the past 5 days watching the previous season so that I'm prepared (I missed a lot of last season due to my final year of school). although I'm a bit disappointed in the premiere, last season was awesome and I'm really anxious to see what's in store this year. 

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