summer is in the air

I've always told people that 'fall' is my favorite time of year because of all the warm colors in the trees and the weather is near perfect and being able to wear cute scarves. but there's really not much of a 'fall' here in the lovely state of arizona. the trees don't really change orange and red - unless you're up north. the weather's been more hot than near perfect. and I can't really wear cute scarves to work.

and I've never been a fan of spring. until this year. this year we got a shitload of rain. and it made everything bloom. I've never seen so many different kinds of flowers in my life. and the drive to work was always green and beautiful. but I believe this year was just a fluke. so I can't really declare it my favorite time of year either.

and I hate the cold. absolutely hate it. it makes me sleepy and unproductive. and I'm such a wuss so I always have to layer on clothing in order to be somewhat warm. my layers start when it's like 60 out - that's how much of a wuss I am. during the winter, I seriously will wear 4-5 layers. not just shirts/sweaters, but I'll even double up on pants and socks. I just hate winter.

so that leaves summer. eeuuugggh. summer in arizona, I'm convinced, is almost like living on the sun itself. 110-120 degree weather? for real? sure it's not humid, but 110 degrees is 110 degrees. it's hot as hell. but yet, something about summer makes me happy. it's definitely not the weather. maybe it's because it's when you don't have school for 3 months. but I'm out of school now. no more 3 months of freedom/laziness. maybe it's the cute summery dresses and shorts and tank tops that come out during the summer. they definitely make me happy but only on weekends since that's the only time I don't have to follow a dress code.

the best part of summer is the pool. aaahhh the pool. as a kid, I loved the pool my parents had installed in our backyard. my brother and I would go swimming all the time. in high school I didn't go as much because I didn't want to get my hair wet or thought it was too cold. in college I simply wasn't close to home. so this is one of my first summers in a long time that I'm able to fully enjoy and take advantage of the pool. and we've been over to go swimming every day since my dad refilled/"remodeled" it. and this weekend I even tried getting the new pup used to the water (fyi: thinking of naming her pepper - she's spunky with a spicy attitude and has speckles all over her nose and mouth). ginger's also been able to work off some of those pounds she gained at chris's brother's the last 5 months. the water is perfect. and I've been able to spend some quality time with my family still. it's gonna be a great summer.

now I just need one of these and I'll be in complete bliss.

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