a little pep in your step

a quick pepper update. the fecal flotation result came in. she has coccidia which are small organisms that live in the intestinal tract of dogs and cats. it's super common in puppies who have a weak immune system and who are stressed in other ways (such as change in ownership). it causes mild to severe diarrhea. coccodia or coccidiosis - is treatable. the vet gave us some albon medication which is effective in treatment. She said that it should clear up in 3-4 days. they also insinuated that if a puppy survive parvo after five days, it pretty much has it beat.

soo, starting to feed pepper her normal food on day 5 of parvo treatment must've triggered the organisms to attack or something causing her to get the shits. it is possible thay she already had parvo beat. and in that case, this new illness is easily treatable and therefore pepper is on her way to being a happy and healthy puppy.

hopefully only three more days until we can fatten her up again.

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