fashion friday: mad men

I've always been fascinated with fashion. I strongly believe it's a freedom of speech - a way to express oneself. and I love seeing everyone's different fashion ideas and such. but at the same time, I feel I can't classify myself in a fashion "category." I'm not punk. I'm not preppy. I'm not tomboy. and I'm not vintage. I have all different kinds of clothing in my closet. it kind of disappoints me - almost every one I know has a style. and sometimes I feel lost when it comes to my style. it's hard for me to pick one style. it's hard for me to accept that I may look good in a particular style as well. but regardless, I love fashion. so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pickings and things I come across online or in life that interest me.

this week I browsed a couple of sites and saw some things that not only caught my eye but also have a mad men theme.
brought to you by modcloth
I think this dress is rightly named: sweet temptation. the bow and polka dots give it a sweet taste yet it kind of hints at some spiciness that awaits underneath. this would be something I'd wear if I was betty draper from mad men and had a studly husband like don draper. I could do dishes commando in this dress. no doubt.

while I'm the topic of mad men, this dress also reminds me of that show.
brought to you by unique-vintage
more specifically, the character joan holloway perfectly played by christina hendricks. I've only watched a few episodes of mad men but I found it very fascinating. and I'm pretty confident every woman has a girl crush on her. she exudes this confidence of a sex kitten while still keeping it (somewhat) classy. she is also shaped like a real woman. I envy her curves. it's way better than being a straight stick. and she has every curve possible and rather than hiding it, like more curvy women today (other than beyonce), she flaunts it. and not in a trashy way. in a classy, yet in your face, way. amazing. if I had curves like her's, I'd buy this adorable dress. that and if I was willing to spend $150 on a dress that I don't have enough occasions to wear it to.

although, if I had a office job, like a secretary or administer or something, I would want to wear something like that. or this below. if I felt like I could pull it off of course.
brought to you by unique vintage
I love the ruffles. it definitely adds character and flare to your typical business suit. too bad I don't have an office job though. although I sort of do, except I don't think steel toed shoes would look very appropriate with this outfit. and I have to wear pants for work. soo...maybe I should switch careers so I can wear cute outfits to work.

until next week - stay fashionably awesome!

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