here comes the sun

when this whole sick puppy ordeal started last thursday, I was really upset and emotional. I'm not a religious person nor have I ever been spiritual. but that's a different story. I do have my beliefs of some greater higher power that guides us on the right path and who throws us challenges/heartache alone the way. and for a while I felt like that "power" was slapping me in the face. kind of a "hey, you haven't been seriously sadden/depressed in a while, how about this? how about a poor little sick puppy?" I felt like whatever it was, it was laughing at me. he was testing me and I was failing miserably. I began to regret convincing chris to get her in the first place. I felt like I should have known better to get a puppy from a stranger. but then, I felt differently - I turned it around. what if this is some act of god or whatever higher power there is? what if god gave pepper to us because he knew she was going to get sick and he knew that we had the resources to care for her and make her better? what if he knew her previous owners wouldn't have even noticed until it was too late? I did take her in within 24 hours of her acting differently. what if we have what it takes to cure our dear pepper, and he knew this? what if this is for the better? what if everything's going to be fine in the end because we'll give her all the love and comfort and medication she needs to get better?

napping with daddy
and with that idea stamped into my head, pepper's gotten significantly better. I'd say friday afternoon there was already a drastic change. megan, scotty, and my dad did an amazing job taking care of her for the day because that night she was already back to her active and playful self nipping at everyone's feet and hopping all over the place. It's definitely relieving. especially since I feel chris and I have been doing a horrible job keeping up with the schedule. my only concern is if she's eating enough. she looks so scrawny now, it's disheartening. she's just skin and bones. chris called the vet on saturday and let him know our concern. once he told her that pepper hasn't had diarrhea or vomited since we started her on meds on thursday, she became very optimistic and excited. she also granted us to double the food portions we feed her. although, I still don't think she's getting enough. all day she goes over to the pantry where I keep her food and whine and look at me with sad little starving eyes. we're taking ginger in tonight for a check up and to renew her shots so we're going to try to sneak pepper in so they can give her a quick look and give us some advice.

bedtime with big sister.
but overall, you wouldn't be able to tell she's got parvo or even sick if she didn't look so skinny. it makes me so happy how active she is again. she runs up the stairs and will slowly hop down. she goes in and our the doggie door. she and ginger play and get along well. and she still cuddles. so I have high hopes. I've had a lot of people tell me they had puppies that passed from parvo and they didn't act near how pepper acts, so that's comforting. we'll see what the vet says tonight.

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