sooo close

did my daily browsing of craigslist for operation: new very young but well-trained puppy and came across an absolute cutie.

puppy of the day

omg she is precious! absolutely. she's 6 weeks old. crate-trained. and only $75! I wasted no time in email it to chris to see if he approves. and he did! he even gave me the ok to write the owner to ask to meet her! soooo I did. turns out, the person lives in glendale. eek! at least an hour and five minute drive. buut she's sooo cute! and ginger needs a friend. and don't find too many adorable pups like her. even though I show many "puppies of the day" not many of them do I absolutely love. so I'm hoping chris will be ok driving so far to meet and possibly take her home.

I feel so close to completing this operation. but trying not to get my hopes up too high that I'm devastated when shit hits the fan or things don't work out. now would the perfect time to get a puppy though. since we don't have too much going on yet (other than unpacking) and we don't have a tv - our evenings once we get home are pretty empty. and a new puppy could fill the time easily. plus maybe I can talk my dad into going by the house every once in a while to check up on her.

I'll keep you posted.

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