puppy obsessed

it's been a while. with the whole confusion around our house, the last thing I was looking for was a new puppy. of course, it wasn't off my mind and I still browsed a little bit, just not as much as before. I also gave up on my lifelong dream of naming my pets after elements off the periodic table. I didn't want ginger to feel out of place or left out. so we decided we'll name them spices. I know: genius.
puppyies of the day:
oh how my heart yearns for a white and brown/blue pit bull pup. I dream about it - that's how much it aches for one. something about their 2 tone colors makes my heart melt. I already emailed my interest about this one (don't tell chris) so we'll see. this little guy (or gal, not sure yet) reminds me of that very first puppy I fell in love with in the very beginning. except this one doesn't have a brown ear. pretty similar though huh? 

chris and I ventured to the mall this weekend to look at bedding and stuff for our soon-to-be-home. every time I go to the mall, I have to stop by the Animal Kingdom, also known as the puppy store. we saw this adorable little chocolate lab, like this one, and I fell in love with him. he was so cute and playful I want to go back and get him. I joked to chris that we could name him brown suga. but then again, that's not a spice.
how do you say no to little faces like that? and look at their cute little brown ears. awww. not to mention their love of basketball is a huge plus.

sometimes I wonder if I'm just puppy obsessed. or just my heart desires an addition to our "family" so greatly it's driving me crazy. it's better than a baby that we're definitely not ready for. what's the difference you ask? taking care of a puppy is like taking care of a child, true. but taking care of two kids is different than taking care of one big kid and a puppy. it's bad enough having to deal with chris's childish antics all the time, but two children? no way. a puppy is so different. yes they require lots of attention - attention I'm full of and willing to give - but it's just different. I don't think chris is ready to be a dad. and I'm definitely not ready to be a mom. so I'll just stick with puppy parents for now.

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