things I'm itching for right now

any of these puppies
I think after all the puppies that I've looked at for the past month or so, the ones that make my heart melt are the blue & white pits. I love the blue color & they're just soo precious! especially the one in the top right. or the bottom left. dang they're all cute!

I always get a pizza craving during my period (sorry if TMI) and this week is no exception. mmm. a nice, saucy, crispy pizza would be AH-MAZING.

it's bad enough that we still haven't heard anything about an adjusted appraisal for our house & whether or not we still get to buy it, but knowing how close it is to being done is driving me crazy. yesterday we saw that our carpet is in, which looks beautiful. we also checked it out at night to see how it looks with the lights which was pretty awesome also. basically all they have left is the front yard landscaping, installing our appliances, & touch-ups (from what I could tell). I just want to move in & put all our furniture in it & decorate it already! I feel so close, yet sooo far.

we wanted to buy a bigger bed so that ginger had more room and didn't have to push me off in the middle of the night. and because I need ultimate comfort when I sleep (ok, maybe not need, but desire) we got a tempurpedic bed. we got the cloud supreme (the new model in their commercials if you've seen it) because it had the perfect amount of what I call "plopability." what is plopability you ask? it's the ability to plop onto a bed after a long day of work. it's when you fall down onto a bed that you sink yet bounce slightly. I always told chris that the perfect bed, to me, is one where you feel like you're in a cloud - when the you sink into the bed & it envelopes you and surrounds you with a heavenly feeling. that's exactly what I found in the this bed (& how could I say no when it's called "cloud?") and I'm so anxious to get it so that I can sleep in it and get an amazing night's sleep. lately, being sick and crammed, I've been sleeping shitty so I just can't wait to see if this bed is the answer to all my problems.

oh lawrd please let the suns take out the lakers starting with a win in la on monday. oh please please please?

I just need a nap right now. I can barely keep my eyes open.

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