and then I fell in love

I was having a tough day at work and needed something to cheer me up. there's a couple of places I go to lift me up, but today I needed something that will  make my heart flutter. so I went to petfinder.com - one of my favorite sites to look at puppies. and then I saw her.

I've looked a lot of puppies but this girl just immediately drew me to her. she's so unique and beautiful. I love her white and brown color and the way it is on her body. I want her. bad. I'm just  a little hesitant to contact about adoption since our house isn't finished and won't be finished for another three weeks or so. and I don't know if they can exactly hold her until we can take her.

how can you say no to a face like this? although, I'm not sure what I'd call her yet. my ultimate goal in life is to have my pets named after elements off the periodic table. (my beta fish I got my freshman year, I named potassium - or K for short - RIP - finally passed away after four wonderful years.) so I'm thinking she looks like a magnesium - or maggie for short? or maybe calcium - cali for short? nickel (nicki)? beryllium (Be)? not sure yet. I still have to convince chris and the place to let us have her. 

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