annoyance of the day: people who can't move on

I know I've written a couple of entries about a certain individual, but I want to make it clear that I am completely over this certain individual. I've mentioned how sometimes I think about our fun times, and I do, but the horrible times override the "fun times" and therefore I'm quickly reminded how happy and how great my life is now. it's just lame when I go through weeks of not speaking to this person and I'm in a good mood all the time and not being made to feel like crap and then all the sudden, out of the blue, he drops me a message/text. the message I happened to receive last night:

"so your re-engaged huh?"

a mere 21 minutes later:

"hey, sorry, stupid question. Congrats."

I'm glad it only took you 21 minutes to realize your stupidity rather than 21 hours later like before. but seriously - how did you manage to find that out? it's not made public on my myspace page. my facebook is set to private unless you're my friend. only solution is you borderline stalked me to come across this blog to determine this fact. you'd be doing yourself a favor if you just stop doing shit like that. you don't need to see the update of my life. it's none of your business.

and to rid of any thoughts you have - chris is amazing. he cares about me. he has his faults but he doesn't push that onto other people. he takes responsibility and mans up to his actions. he doesn't start drama or purposely try to stir up issues. he doesn't dwell on the past. and he doesn't play the blame game constantly. he makes me laugh and I feel 100% comfortable around him. we have a lot in common and at the same time we are ok with each other doing their own thing every once in a while. we don't have to be attached to the hip. and he understands that my family is the most important thing to me and that they're my best friends. he doesn't get mad if I have a late night with my cousin or if I had a long day at work and need a nap. he's understanding. and he is my fiance. and I wouldn't want it any other way.

so please do yourself a favor and leave me alone. every time we try to talk and be friends you just end up bringing up old shit and making me mad. or you'll act like you know something that you don't (remember saying the suns won't make it to the playoffs? you clearly don't know shit about basketball hun) and that frustrates me even more. I've moved on and things are great. and I know you have to - new job, new place, yada yada. so stop trying to dwell on our past. it's seriously not healthy. and life would be much more enjoyable.

I am sorry shit went down the way it did. but shit happens.

on another note: puppies of the day
they're all so adorable I can't pick one.

awesome: edamame. mmm.
lame: la lakers.

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