annoyance of the day: stress

today sucks. here's why:
  1. I have to start presenting the process data during our daily morning meeting. I have to know where all the numbers come from & if there's any variance, why. presenting the numbers doesn't terrify me that much - it's the explaining if something's wrong. I feel like I don't really know the process & all the details that much yet and fear the moment when someone asks me a question I don't know the answer to (although I should) and everyone realizes how dumb I really am. no pressure.
  2. WARNING: possible TMI moment - skip to number 3 if you want to avoid TMI. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. not too big of a deal, except it's a pap smear appointment. my first one ever. not looking forward to it too much. although I am thankful I get to finally get one (thank you company paid insurance!) I'm a little terrified of what they'll find. nothing serious, I just know that I have a reoccurring pain-in-the-ass (not literally) aka yeast infections. I mean I have them a lot. I've been taking this stuff called azo which helps treat & prevent and it works really well if I take it every day. I just hope she doesn't look in there and tell me it's a different problem.
  3. the suns game is tonight - game 1 against the spurs. ugh. if we lose I know I'll pay for it at work tomorrow. so I'm really hoping we'll win. if we win, not only do we win, but it'll also increase my confidence in winning the whole series. at least the hydromet manager (my boss's boss's boss), troy, is on my side. he bet with mark that if the suns win, mark has to wear a suns hat for a month & if the spurs win then troy will wear a spurs hat. so to clarify - if the suns win, mark has to wear a suns hat and a suns jersey. priceless. I just hope we win this first game, then I'll have more faith.
that's really it, but it sure is bringing a lot of stress to me. I can't wait until today's over.

to make things better: puppy of the day:
2-3 month old shepard/lab mix? how
can you say no to that face?!
16 days until we get to move into our own house!

awesome: the rocket summer's new cd.
lame: being uber tired at work

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