house? or no house?

with only about a week and a half left before we can close and move in, our house was appraised last week. and it was appraised for significantly less. I'm not a realtor or a broker nor do I really understand everything when it comes to buying a house. what I understand is you want a house, you get a loan based on how much you make, you make a down payment for the house, you move into the house. so when I'm told that the house that we've been waiting for 5 months has been appraised for much less than what we're about to pay for it, I'm not really sure what that means. cathy, our realtor, says she's never seen something like this where the house is appraised for significantly less than the asking price. which isn't comforting.

so I'm not really sure what's going on right now. I guess they (our realtors and broker) got some "comps" or proof that what they're asking for isn't unreasonable. I guess the development is closing on a house more than ours is. don't ask me what that means. but I guess they sent that stuff to the appraisers and hopefully the appraisal will go up closer to what the builder is asking for? if it doesn't, I'm not sure if that means we have to negotiate or what.

I do know that cathy told us to be "proactive" and find some other houses that we like. which means we may or may not get the house we've been falling in love with for 5 months now - the house that we spent time at every day to watch it progress - the house that we put our heart and soul into designing (what we could at least) and picking furniture - the house that we added custom touches (speaker wire throughout, ginger's door, etc) to make it ours - that house. we are not sure if we are getting our house. when I found this out on saturday, I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe it. a week and a half before we're supposed to move in, we're not sure if we'll get it. and now I have to look at other houses and find one that's comparable? and on top of that, if we opt out of the contract we have now, we'll lose our $8,000 home buyers tax credit.

like I said, I'm not completely sure what's going on. all I know is we're supposed to hopefully hear back from the appraisers today to see what the adjusted appraisal for our house is. and then I don't know where we go from there. I just hope it's all sorted out in the next week the latest. the sooner the better though, because all this stress is killing me. like seriously, by body cannot handle this stress (combined with stress from work) and if I don't become stress-free soon, I'm never gonna get rid of this bug.

as an update for operation: get new, young, well-trained dog, I thought that idea was crushed too when chris was being a turd last week. my parents and I were looking at puppies at shelters near our area (don't as me why) and I'd ask chris what he thought about a couple and he would be short and rude. then he got mad saying that he already told me that we can't have a dog right now and then I got mad since I told him I wasn't looking for it right now but within a couple of months of us moving in to our house. but since then he seems he's wanting a new dog soon since I caught him looking at puppies the other day. he told me he wanted to get one within a couple of weeks of moving. *squeeeaaaal* now I'm just hoping we'll have a house to move into.

awesome: kings of leon "closer"
lame: being sick for over a week

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