friday itchings

things I'm itching for on this fabulous friday:

taco salad
 I have an amazingly scrumptious bowl of taco salad in the fridge just waiting for me to enjoy it. what I love more than taco night is the left overs of taco night and being able to create taco salads for the next week or two. it's only 9:00 but my mouth is seriously salivating over the idea of being able to eat it. there's no way I'm going to be able to wait until 11:00 for it. no way.

keys to our house
in 3-4 days we will be closing in our house. in less than a week, we'll be moving in. I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm most excited about having all our furniture in it because that officially makes it our home. is it monday yet? geesh. who waits for monday to come?

suns win
the suns are so excited because they beat the lakers. no one has faith anymore. but I still do. I truly think they can pull it off. they have what it takes, they just gotta do it.

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