the carnival's in town!

I spent some more time with the dearest baby lorelai this weekend. she's amazing I love her so freakin' much. every time I spend time with her it makes me want to have a little baby that much more. I've been worried about having kids with chris for a while now - I'm not sure how he'd be as a father. sometimes, I'm convinced that he hates kids - every time we're in the mall or at a restaurant & there's an annoying kid around he seems frustrated. I mean I'm not a fan of annoying, screaming, obnoxious kids either, but what id that's just what you get? what if the kid is just having a bad day? there's only so much you can prevent or work with. and I just hope chris can just handle that.

for the first time in our relationship, though, I looked at chris & smiled because I couldn't wait to have kids with him - I knew he was gonna be a great dad. we were driving home from work & we passed by my old elementary school - desert vista elementary school. there were a shitload of cars parked in the parking lot and along the street so I was wondering what the hell was going on. I read their little bulletin board/sign thing that the little carnival thing they have every year was there. I was excited because I remember going around as a kid playing the games and hanging with my friends. chris said, "well that's good for you" knowing my excitement so I asked him if he would wanna go to the carnival or anything and he said "of course!" I saw & he told me how excited he would be to take his kids around to play games and shiz. and that's when I looked at him, smiled, & thought that he'd be a great father.

I can't wait.

puppy of the day
he's a 2 month old pit/mix. ADORABLE!

awesome: free facials!
lame: laundry.  

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