we still haven't heard anything about the house. cathy told chris they're hoping to find out what's going on in a few days. a few days?! a few days would be like the end of this week. our closing of escrow date is set for the 19th - next wednesday. our furniture - couches, entertainment center, beds, dressers - are all scheduled to be delivered on the 20th.  I'm really hoping to hear back from them sooner than later so that we can be ready to move. or not move. I'm so anxious about moving - I just want to be in my own home, sleeping in my wonderful cloud supreme. but right now I'm not even sure if it'll be our home. we already have everything ready. the delivery schedules. I took that thursday and friday off - my mom is supposed to take the friday off too to go shopping with me. but it's all going to be pointless if we can't even move in. frustrating. very frustrating.

I'm also becoming more and more anxious to get a new puppy. another reason I want to be moved into our house, because the sooner we get settled in there, the sooner I get my doggie. Here's my pick for the puppy(ies) of the day:
pit pups
I think both of these are adorable (out of the 8 available). I'm not sure if I can choose one. I just can't wait to have a little doggie running around the house and getting to play in our (relatively) huge backyard with ginger - hearing ginger go through the dog door followed by a little one - having two doggies to cuddle with in bed - watching them play tug-o-war and such. it'll be sooo cute! I think I'm going to go insane if we don't hear anything from them by the end of the day.

awesome: ritz crackers.
lame: nyquil - pill or liquid form.

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