They grow up so fast...

I don't really recall why I was going through pictures on my computer, but I was. And I came across this adorable picture of Lorelai. 
I love this girl. She's my cousin's baby. I think that makes her my second cousin? Or first cousin once removed? I always get it mixed up. I basically treat her like she's my own niece anyways. She's two now. I just spent some time with her yesterday (she tried to imitate my dad when he blew his nose by pretending to blow her nose in a kleenix but she was just making a loud noise). She's grown up so fast. She's so smart & amazing. I love her. Did I mention that already? She calls me "Eesha." Here she is from a couple of weeks ago at our family reunion.
It's awesome seeing her grow up and watching her learn life.  It makes me want a baby of my own sometimes.


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