love & basketball

if there's one thing that I'm passionate about (besides music) it's sports. I'm not going to say that I watch espn 24 hours a day or even much at all, but I do love sports. I'm also not going to say that I'm awesome at playing sports - I actually suck pretty bad (although I do enjoy trying to play) - so I just stick to watching them. the excitement, the adrenaline, the competition, the victories, the shouting, the foam fingers, the fans - I love it all. I especially love how it brings strangers together. it's one of the few times you can talk "crap" to someone you don't even know and not get beat up. it's also one of the few times you can hug a complete stranger and not get beat up.

my first sport of choice is basketball. I think it's the suns year this year - to take it all the way. their defense has improved significantly. their offense has remained superior. and their energy is powerful. it's a good feeling to be in an arena with thousands of other fans and hearing the roar we create. and they deserve it (the suns). they have worked hard being the team with the best rating since the all-star break. and I think with their improved defense and amazing support from the fans, we'll take home the championship this year.

damn do I get into basketball. chris and I just renewed our half-season tickets for the suns (squeeeaaal) and I'm beyond excited. I love watching it at home with my parents, but it's a complete different environment watching it live. when I'm there, I get to scream/yell as loud as my voice allows me. I get to jump up and down when stoudemire slams it in an opponents face. I get to see goran's beautiful face in person. I can yell and cuss the refs for ridiculous calls. I get to high five people next to me I barely know. every once in a blue moon, I get free stuff. :) and I get to meet and cheer with other season ticket holders. being a season ticket holder (even if it is just half-season) you really get to know the other season ticket holders around you. you learn who they are and what they do. and it's great because you already know you have something in common with them so getting along is easy. I feel like the people in the couple of rows around us are kinda like a family. and they just adopted us.

I'm proud to be a suns fan. I m orng. r u?

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