simply complicated.

I've always considered myself somewhat creative - but more in the artsy-crafty-sort-of-way. for thanksgiving dinner at our house, instead of little name plates for seating arrangements (there's a lot of people that come over for thanksgiving dinner) I made paper indians and pilgrims & pasted each guest's face on them. anytime any of my family members wants some sort of sign, they come to me. I can be quite creative with paper. but when it comes to writing and of the sort, I don't think I have much creativity. if the mood strikes, I can write poems no problem. but blogging - I'm not sure it's my forte yet. I just don't think I have anything interesting to write about. but I'm learning to tap into myself and really express those thoughts and emotions I feel but am used to hiding.

but thinking of an awesome blog title is driving me crazy. it's hard for me to think of something creative and unique and describes me and what I'm about. and then trying to find//create some cool artwork to go along with it is just as difficult. I've come across blogs that have a neat picture//design to display their blog title. I'm jealous.

I used the term "simply complicated" some time last year in describing myself and thought I was so awesome//creative//unique//mysterious with it. I truly believe it describes my life perfectly. I love simple things in life. rainy days. sunshine. light breezes. jumping in puddles. sleeping in. board games with the family. laughing. raisinets. grass. fall trees. spring flowers. and I can go on. but there are also a lot of things about me that make me complicated. I'm very picky about my food, for one. it can't touch. I eat everything one at a time and don't like mixing it up (meat first, then potato, then salad, then veggies). I love carrots, but not when they're cooked. I don't like anything mushy for that matter (bread with gravy - makes the bread soggy, cooked carrots, oatmeal, etc). I like corn on the cob, but not off the cob. and it's not just with food. I'm sure Chris could go on about what makes me complicated - or maybe it's just annoying for him. but basically, I'm a complicated individual who loves the simple things in life.

so I'm leaning towards "simply complicated" as my title - now I just need some cool design to display it with....

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