annoyance of the day: bugs

here's things most people would typically find annoying about the drive I make:
  • the fact that it's an hour-long drive.
  • the time you have to wake up in order to get to work on time.
  • the 50 miles one way.
  • the wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • not having a convenient alternative route when there's an accident.
  • the windy roads.
  • the fact that it's mostly one-lane traffic.
  • getting stuck behind semis or other vehicles going less than 40 mph.
  • the fact that it's an hour-long drive.
and what do I find annoying the most?
  • the shitload of bugs that get splattered across my windshield every day.
no lie. it's really the only thing I hate about my drive to work. my windshield drives me crazy. I don't like dirty windshields. not one bit. every time I get gas I have to clean it (and I get gas often, since it's over 100 miles round trip for work). and (this is one of the things I get from my dad - thanks) I don't half-ass clean it. I scrub that shit off. and on the drive home from work, it just gets covered again. completely. it's disgusting. and it drives me crazy. I'm thinking about cleaning it every day when I get home from work rather than just waiting until I get gas.

I hate you warmer weather that makes the bugs come out.


  1. We drove through where you guys are at now on Saturday (we were going up to Payson and apparently if you take Oracle pretty much straight through it leads you through Miami, AJ, etc) and man, I don't know how you do it! And now I know where all the effing bugs came from! I looked at our windshield yesterday and I was like "jesus, our car looks like an insect graveyard", which doesn't happen too often.

  2. haha yeah - a couple of weeks ago it wasn't so bad but once it started getting warmer they decided to explore the world. then die.

    & how fun a trip to Payson that included driving through Miami & AJ - two of the most ritziest towns in Arizona! Haha.


thanks for taking the time to add some input and love :)