everyone has obsessions. it just depends how far they feel like taking them. I have quite a few when it comes to music. I will even go as far to say that music is one of my obsessions. I'm always listening to it. different things. almost everything from classic rock to modern day rock to soul to r&b to jazz. I loves it all. there's a few artists that I'm obsessed with as well - in other words, I can listen to them any time, multiple times, all the time. I never get sick of them.

michael bublé. if you haven't heard of him I'd say he's the modern day frank sinatra. beautiful all around. I'll tell you about how he is live after I see him tonight. yup - that's right. I am privileged to see him in concert tonight and I am BEYOND stoked. I owe chris's mom big time.

one republic. I learned about them when a friend of mine from my psychology class told me about their song "apologize." I listened to it once I got home and for the rest of that night. their debut album is amazing. it's one of those I will listen to for days on end. it's one of my favorites to listen to in the car, when I'm alone, so I can belt them out as loud as I can. it's definitely one of my favorites because I love every song and can listen to every song over and over again. their second album - also amazing (but there's one or two songs I can live without).

the white tie affair. one of my favorite albums to dance to in the car. they're one of those bands that make me a giddy "teen bop" since I melt at the sound of the lead singer's voice. 

kings of leon. but only their latest album. I've listened to (& own) their previous stuff, but it's a completely different sound. not bad exactly, but I'm obsessed with "only by the night." the songs are so sexy. they make me want to take off my clothes and dance on top of a bar. no I have not done it.

quietdrive. if you haven't heard them, you should check them out. great stuff. 

brownies. no they're not a band. their a food. duh. jack from across the hall (who has the rep of being the "grouchy old man" around the tankhouse) just gave me one and it is amazing and reminded me of how much I love brownies. especially the corners where they're nice and soft and gooey in the middle and have a crunch/hardness on the edge that gives it the perfect balance. but only the ones with nuts. no nuts, no fun.

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