easy solution

talked to chris last night. voiced my concerns about having to give up my dream wedding and having to change what my idea of a dream wedding was multiple times and yada yada. we came to the conclusion that it is smarter and overall better if we push back the wedding a few more months. because each additional month is a shitload of money. as well as more time to plan our dream. it will also give us time to settle into our house and start paying off our student loans. he was totally fine with the idea and completely agreed. overall: brilliance.

and now I get my fall wedding. :)


  1. Ooh, a fall wedding is going to be really nice and not too hot! :)

  2. that's what I'm hoping. plus fall colors are so much more my style. :-)

  3. Jealous! I wanted a Fall wedding (for the same reasons). I think you'll be happier with that choice. The summers in AZ are kinda a buzzkill when you think about the makeup, dress, heels, mingling, dancing, etc.

    Congrats again!


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