san diego here we come

after weeks of debate and agreement and broken promises, I have finally decided I am going to san diego this weekend. with or without chris. and at this moment, it's most likely without.

I know it's not really recommended that one goes on a mini road trip/vacay without their significant other, but dang it, I've given him so many chances to join me and summer is almost at its end. I am 23 years old and waaay too young to be sitting around every weekend. and with the money we make and the vacation time we're granted, there's no reason to go explore the world. sure we've been to san diego before, but I've been itching to hit up the beaches all summer now. and it seems like every other week we I talk about going and how we can make it happen and at first chris is all for the idea but after a day or at the last minute, he always bails out.

so if he doesn't want to go, then fine. I'll pack my cousin and her friend up in my prius and we'll make it a girls road trip.

I'm going to have fun. 

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