weekend to do's

since it worked so well a couple of weeks ago, here's my to do list for my 3-day weekend weekend:

  • do a couple of loads of laundry
  • take down another chunk of grey's anatomy episodes with mamma (we're waaay ahead of schedule)
  • fill bentley up with some gas & wash his windows
  • pack
  • drive to san diego with the cousin and friend
  • lay on the beach
  • drink and be merry
  • lay on the beach some more
  • find cute boys (I can look and not touch!)
  • drink some more and continue being merry
  • drive home
  • watch monday night football

the weather forecast in san diego for the weekend:

high 71. low 59. 

sunday: high 72. low 61.
monday: high 70. low 62.

absolutely gorgeous.

it's ok to be jealous.

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