weekend plans

after asking chris daily for the past week about whether or not we were going to make a trip this weekend, we, together, finally concluded to stay home. and I'm actually ok with it. I thought I'd be crushed, but I'm not. I am still determined to have a fun-filled weekend . I mean - it's labor day weekend - a free 3-day weekend! we brainstormed (again, together) about what we can do this weekend and I'm super excited. here's my agenda (hasn't been approved by chris yet):
  • friday:
    • return dead hard drive to benson systems for replacement (thank god it's under warranty)
    • groceries
    • start laundry
    • clean up the house
  • saturday:
    • morning hike up Silly Mountain with the pups
    • more laundry/cleaning around the house
    • dinner and seeing comedian iliza shlesinger at the tempe improv with scegan
  • sunday:
    • dog park with the pups
    • pick out & plant a eucalyptus tree in our backyard
    • give bentley (our new car) a bath
    • relax & watch movies/catch up on our favorite tv shows
  • monday:
    • morning hike on favorite trail through Superstition Mountains with the pups
    • one of the following:
      • Phoenix Zoo & Desert Botanical Gardens
      • Golfland & walking around downtown
      • D-backs vs. Giants game
      • swimming & bbqing at my parent's (hopefully we can get pepper in the water now that she's older/bigger)
so I'm pretty stoked. I mean, just because we're not going out of town doesn't mean we have to sit at home all weekend right? I'm taking charge of my life. chris will just have to deal with it and join me or he can peace out. now I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll actually do it. maybe by writing them here I'll be more determined to do it that way I can show pictures. that's my goal at least. I'm one step closer to being happier - I can feel it.

hope everyone has a super safe and fun holiday weekend.


  1. Oh man, I've been wanting to do the zoo for forever! It's just been too hot. See you tomorrow :)

  2. Sounds like some fun plans for your weekend!


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